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Mineral Mining & Export For Agriculture Financing 

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Our Services

Our Services

  • We Offer World Standard Energy, Mining & Agri-food production, and exporting Services That Are Next To None

  • Our Business Portfolio includes  the following:


Renewable energy is is the future for clean energy sources, we are working with our international partners to provide safe ways of energy, harvesting power from the sun and wind that are naturally replenished and do not run out. Renewable energy has proven to be the electricity generation of now and the future for space and water heating and cooling, and transportation.

Non-renewable energy, in contrast, comes from finite sources that could get used up, such as fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Renewable energy sources, such as biomass, geothermal resources, sunlight, water, and wind, are our business as we work on using natural resources that can be converted into these clean usable energies like:


On our Energy and Mining projects, we are registered and operate as Hunter's Energy and Mining International in Tanzania and other African Countries. Our exports assist us in raising money for our Agriculture projects across Africa, mining and exporting the following minerals :

Coal, Copper, Iron Ore, lithium, silver, nickel and aluminium.

We have chosen coal mining and exports as Coal provides both affordable and reliable energy for the world's needs, 

it supports steelmaking to boost infrastructure projects. We meet all mineral needs required for nearly every industry and consumer product, feeding manufacturing, technology, transportation, medical, defence and energy supply chains. From foundations to roofs, power plants to wind farms, roads and bridges to communications grids and data storage centres —  Hunter's energy and infrastructure projects begin with mining.

In fact, minerals such as copper, lithium, silver, nickel and aluminium are critical inputs to infrastructure, renewable energy, electric vehicles and digital technology. As these sectors of the economy grow, mineral demands will increase exponentially.

We expect to move away from coal mining in 20 years as we are now busy establishing our renewable sources 


We exist to promote agriculture in Africa, profits from our coal and other mineral mining and exports are channeled to our agrifood and agribusiness projects under the Farmer's Pride International across the continent of Africa. We believe agriculture is the backbone of all economies, it is the world’s main source of livelihood. About 70% of people rely directly on agriculture for food and job creation. Working with us means you have joined hands with us in feeding the world. 

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